Hi everyone!

When I was in elementary school, my uncle used to take me out to a park in Long Island, where we would spot planes on final approach to JFK. That combined with spending countless hours scrolling through photos on airliners.net and taking many trips to the Intrepid got me completely hooked on airplanes and travel.

As I grew up, I began paying closer attention to how the aviation world works. I began assisting my family in making travel plans, as well as watching youtube videos and reading blog posts about the planes we were about to fly. If we were not traveling, I spent my free time learning about the logistics of how the aviation world works. Its complexity fascinated me, and still amazes me to this day. The best thing about airplanes in my opinion, other than the fact that they are metal tubes zooming miles high at over 500 miles per hour, is that they are the most efficient connecter in the world. Airplanes allow ideas to spread from one place to another, increasing people’s understanding of each other’s lives and cultures, and connects families and friends that would otherwise not have the opportunity to see each other, making a massive world much smaller. Its accessibility nowadays for much of the world is extremely special, and in my opinion, cannot be taken for granted.

As I continued to watch flight reviews from channels like Simply Aviation and read blog posts from sites like One Mile at a Time, I started getting more and more hungry to have my own medium to express my interest to others. This company began as a Google Site and youtube channel in late 2017, but has now grown into a blog with over 50 posts, including flight and hotel reviews, opinion pieces, advice columns, and even a few off-topic posts away from the aviation and travel world.

While posts may differ in length, you can be assured that each one, as well as the blog in general, has been given countless hours of love and passion. While I am now a college student who you could say is transitioning into the “real world,” at heart, I am still that little boy spotting planes at the park in Long Island, longing to be on one of them.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey. Welcome to Jetbridge Journal. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the blog!


-“RJ” 🙂