Introduction: Austrian to Austria and Croatia

Introduction: Austrian to Austria and Croatia

Flight Review: Austrian Airlines (Economy) | Newark-Vienna | Boeing 767-300er

Flight Review: Austrian Airlines (Economy) | Vienna-Dubrovnik | Airbus A321-100

Flight Review: Austrian Airlines (Economy) | Split-Vienna | Airbus A321-100

Flight Review: Austrian Airlines (Economy) | Vienna-Newark | Boeing 767-300er

Welcome to my first ever Trip Report!!! In August 2017, I went on a trip with my family to various cities in Croatia and Austria. We went to Croatia first, but because of the four-day stop in Austria on the way back home, we needed to take a connecting flight through Vienna. Going to Dubrovnik from New York, we would have had to make a stop anyways, so it didn’t really make a difference for us.

This trip report will consist of four Austrian Airlines flight reviews: Newark to Vienna, Vienna to Dubrovnik, Split to Vienna, and finally from Vienna back to Newark. The Newark to Vienna flights were operated by Austrian’s Boeing 767, while the Vienna to Dubrovnik and the Split to Vienna flights were flown on their A321.

Full Map of the Trip

Overall, all the flights were extremely pleasant (especially the food!). I definitely would not hesitate to fly Austrian again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 6.15.01 PM.png
Austrian Airlines 767
Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.37.46 PM.png
Austrian Airlines A321

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