Singapore Airlines Setting Record for the Longest Flight in the World

People have known for quite a while now that Singapore Airlines has wanted to resume their nonstop Singapore-New York service. They were forced to cancel it in 2013 because they had to fly A340-500s on the route, which were not very efficient. Therefore, they could not make money.

Recently, with the introduction of new high-range aircraft, Singapore Airlines has had another chance to try out the route. And they pounced on it.

According to onemileatatime, starting October 11, Singapore Airlines will resume their flight between Singapore and Newark. This route will be operated by the brand new Airbus A350-900ULR, and is blocked at 18 hours 45 minutes long each way. At over 9,500 miles long, it will beat the current longest flight between Auckland and Doha by about 500 miles. It will compliment their existing service out of JFK (although that flight runs via Frankfurt).

The plane will have 67 business class seats and 94 premium economy seats. There will be no Economy Class or First Class. This makes sense, given that the airline needs high- paying passengers in order to make money on the route.

Now let’s just see how many people will want to fly this route…

[Featured image from Wikipedia]



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