Flight Review: Jet Airways (Premiére Class) | Delhi-London Heathrow | Boeing 777-300er

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On Christmas Day of 2017, I flew Jet Airways for the first time internationally. I didn’t know what to expect: it could have either been another unreliable Air India-style flight or a fairly reliable American Airlines-style flight. We got free upgrades to Business Class due to my father’s high frequency travel, twice a week, every week, by Jet Airways. I was extremely surprised by the high standard of Jet Airways.

A Jet Airways 777-300er. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pre-Flight Experience

Our terminal at Indira Gandhi International Airport was the newly-built Terminal 3. Check in and security were a breeze. (The same cannot be said for Air India where there are huge lines everywhere.) The Premium Plaza Lounge (which all First Class, Premiére Class, and JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold card members can access) was extremely comfortable and had high-speed WiFi.

Indira Gandhi Airport Terminal 3. Source: Flickr


As I was flying business class, the seats reclined to fully-flat beds and had the standard    1-2-1 configuration. The seats were the herringbone style. My window seat was very spacious and felt like my own little suite.

Wikimedia Commons 2.jpg
Jet Airways 777 Premiére (Business) Class Cabin. Source: Wikimedia Commons


There was a nice variety of food choices. Jet Airways offered a mix of Indian and British foods since we were traveling between India and England. My personal favorite food that they offered was the “butter chicken” and it was surprisingly well-cooked.

Jet Airways Business Class Meal. Note that the photo is not of the butter chicken. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Inflight Entertainment

Jet Airway’s inflight entertainment service is known as JetScreen. The movies offered were good. It had the latest Hollywood and Bollywood releases. Some movies that were offered included Dunkirk, War for the Planet of the Apes, Kong: Skull Island and Jack Reacher. It definitely entertained me for the duration of the flight.


We arrived in Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4. We had fast-track immigration, which is available on select carriers including Jet Airways. There were no problems at immigration.

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Overall Thoughts

I would recommend Jet Airways as a replacement for Air India because it has high quality and is on time and reliable (unlike Air India). Jet Airways flies to many destinations including eastern Asian countries, European countries, and even Toronto in North America. Its main hub is at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and mostly operates 777s long haul (but also operates A330s). I would consider Jet Airways the most efficient Indian airline to fly.

[Featured image from Wikimedia Commons]

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