BREAKING: Aeromexico E190 Crashes on Takeoff

There are not many details yet on this incident, but according to One Mile At A Time, an Aeromexico Embraer 190 with the tail number XA-GAL was operating flight 2431 from Durango to Mexico City. The flight was operated by Aeromexico Connect. There were 100 passengers on board, and according to ABC News, 85 passengers were injured with two critical injuries. Commenter Alex on One Mile at a Time claims that local authorities have said there are no fatalities (so far).

Source: Sandhills Express

At the time the One Mile at a Time article was released, it was a little bit unclear how exactly the crash occurred. However, according to The Aviation Herald, while rolling down the runway the plane had a rejected takeoff past V1 speed, which is the fastest possible speed that an aircraft can go without overrunning the runway. An ABC interviewee claims that the rejected takeoff was likely due to weather, however other sources blame a mechanical failure. The pilots veered the aircraft to the left, and the aircraft crashed and burst into flames.

Looking at the photos, my guess is that the plane will be written off immediately.

What a horrible thing to experience not only for the people aboard the aircraft, but also for their families.

[Featured Image from Sandhills Express]

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